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The 8 most disturbing islands in the world

April 24th, 2017 by tripslinkweb | Filed under Blog.

1. Hashima
“Hashima has disappeared. This place is dead. ” Thus is a motto written by hand on a solitary wall of this island of the Battleship, a small islet that, despite being inside the Prefecture of Nagasaki, was not abandoned by the nuclear disaster but by the closing of the coal mine that Gave life to the place until 1974. Although it disturbs its own, the ghost island can be visited by tourism without problems. Yes, it’s in the movie Skyfall.
Hotels in Nagasaki:

2. Poveglia
We start with the macabre stories. Although Venice may seem a place of pure romantic charm, the truth is that it contains events like the one that suffered this nearby island in the same lagoon. The plague of the fourteenth century raged and some 160,000 people died here, added to the bodies that were previously transferred. Apparently, the effects of such a crematorium are still visible and even human remains are washed away by tides to nearby islands.
Hotels in Venice:

3. Shengshan
In the Shengsi archipelago, this ancient fishing island has been abandoned to its fate since the early nineties. So much so that nature devours the deserted houses and the whole takes on an aspect between the phantasmagoric and the dreamlike.
Hotels in Shengsi:

4. Xochimilco
This is not the first time we remember “Island of the Dolls”. It all started with the death of a girl, drowned in the waters of these channels. To stop the torment of the caretaker of the island, who thought he heard ceaseless distress, he began to hang toy dolls everywhere. Thus the soul of the child could rest. But the man was killed in similar circumstances. That’s what legends have. The bad thing is that sometimes they leave us places as disturbing as this one.

5. Rábida
Perhaps defining as disturbing this Ecuadorian island of the Galapagos is exaggerated. Let’s leave it quaint because it is practically red in its entirety. This quality has to do with its volcanic activity but, above all, with the great concentration of iron of said lava. Of course, the many species of animals that inhabit it seem enchanted.
Hotels in Galapagos Islands:

6. The Cage
Another damn island. Reduced to the least expression of land afloat, this tiny island of Naples accumulates a rugged chain of misfortunes related to all the owners that it has been having since the beginning of the last century. One by one, they all perished surprisingly, killed or unexpected heart attacks or even suicide. Currently the villa is uninhabited. The key is to never buy it.
Hotels in Napoles:

7. Socotra
Another classic of the extreme landscapes in the confines of the world. As drawn from a science fiction novel, this Indic archipelago under Yemeni jurisdiction is also more astonishing than disturbing. Unique for its biodiversity, Socotra is a World Heritage Site and everything. What is most striking is the rarity of some of its plant species, such as the cucumber tree or, in the mountains, the dragos, these rare giant-shaped umbrella trees.
Hotels in Yemen:

8. Izu
We close again in Japan, specifically in a group of volcanic islands with which we must be careful if you give us a visit. It is only the only place on the planet whose inhabitants are obliged to use gas masks to protect themselves from the sulfur from the constant volcanic eruptions. Nothing, foolishness. As a disturbing island we think it can happen.
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